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Capture Midi does not produce sound while playing back midi file.

Capture Midi does not produce sound while playing back midi files or when your are playing on midi keyboard. Capture midi is a accompany application that backups your melodies. Open Garage band or your favorite audio-midi sequencer, setup your favorite interment and play. Capture midi play back midi files and melodies via your armed track (selected track) as Capture Midi currently acts as MIDIĀ IN source.


Capture Midi plays back audio files in common formats while browsing custom samples.

Melody Items removed

Capture Midi will maintain limited number of midi playback in a melody grid. You can customize how much of midi data the application will retain. One you have reached the limit as specified in application preferences, Capture Midi will start to delete most old items from a grid.

Remember your favorited items will not be deleted unless you explicitly ask for.


My Midi device is not recognized

Capture Midi should work without problem with any Core Midi enabled device. If you have problem connecting your midi keyboard, Please send us your studio configuration information and we will try to fix the problem for you.

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Melody Items has as red mark

It is probable that some of your melody items in a grid has a red mark over the music icon. The red mark represents that the melody item currently contains a hanging note. The note that has not been properly terminated. This problem can occur if there is unexpected problem with the midi connection or can produce occasionally. It is highly probably that once dragged into your audio-midi sequencer, the editor will present notes without end. If this happen, It is recomendable to delete the melody item if you presence any kind of problem such (Melody Items are not creating properly)

Easy backup

Capture Midi backups all your live midi keyboard plays. Whatever you play, you can recover back.