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    Post all your features wish list here.



    I tried the app at beta stage, was really what Ive been looking for, but it went silent for a long time. Now I see this came again. The problem is – I just wish I could fly download at least demo. Neither buttons on the title page are working (demo/buy), nor it is found on the app store through the web or the app. Please make it accessible.

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    Capture Midi is currently in AppStore review, It should be available in days or week. Thanks for interest.




    You can try new demo for 15 days or get Capture Midi from AppStore.



    So, looks like a tool i could really use. But – it’s not recording anything i play in Live9 while the red dot in the icon is always on, never fade away when i don’t play any note on my Arturia Laboratory 49 which is actually the only device that’s marked in CM MIDI prefs:-(
    Could it be that using a bunch of MIDI control surfaces would put CaptureMidi into a “always on-loop” with a endless stream of MIDI events??

    I have active: Launchpad (MK I), Nektar Panorama P1, Spark, Blofeld, UltraNova (with Automap), Maschine (MK I), Tranzport, FireStudio Project, iPad Mini via Bluetooth (Bluetooth LE MIDI), some IAC configured… The Laboratory is not configured as a control surface in Live9:-)

    Is it possible to filter out MIDI events that are *not* MIDI notes on/off messages???




    Capture Midi should connect to all Core Midi enabled devices. Check if your devices appear in Midi Studio. (Spotlight – > Audio Midi Setup -> Midi Studio)

    If they appear in Midi Studio, Capture Midi should not have any problem connecting.

    If you presence that Capture Midi is in recording state that never ends, try to save your session to midi file, and in Capture Midi Settings button, select Clean Session and favorites. This will clean up the state and should remove any hanging midi notes.

    If Capture Midi is constantly recording after you clean your session, this could be because your midi device is constantly sending midi commands. Currently I am working on Midi Device Filters, that you can enable to filter events on recording enabled midi device. This should be ready this weekend. I will let you know to download a new demo.

    If you have still more question, please write me at

    Thank you



    Instead of having to double click an event to drag, I would prefer a single a click.It took me longer than it should have to figure out you have to double click to drag, but maybe that’s just my ignorance.

    Is there any specific reason to this?

    LOVE the product. Keep up the great work.



    I vote for the ability to edit library folder names. A nice touch would also to be able to freely reposition library folders in any order, rather then the current sort options of “added date” and “alphabetically.” I do appreciate the placing of one folder into another, though.



    The app is just what I need. Thanks.

    But for me there are issues with the the design that get in the way of efficient use. I’d appreciate if managing and identifying captured MIDI could be improved. These requests/suggestions:

    – replace the grid layout of tiles with a vertical list. This allows easy up/down scanning and shows chronology directly.
    – support editing each list item label with a single (or double) click on text.
    – ideally, display mini piano-roll of midi events in each list item, for visual identification
    – alternatively, display a mini piano roll for the selected item in a separate pane
    – include midi sequence duration text in each list item
    – include a play button on mouse rollover of each list item, assuming text edit on single click
    – provide rating stars for each list item, whether in library or not
    – ideally, allow reordering list items.
    – ideally, allow dragging list item(s) to Library tab
    – allow detached window to resize vertically and horizontally

    I would like to see the Capture Midi tab as a kind of mid inbox, with the same richness of item display and sense of persistence as the library. I imagine labeling, ordering, rating and pruning clips after a session, and then dragging them into a library folder for posterity.

    Finally, I would love to see some improvements for managing recording. I’m still trying to understand your approach wrt bpm and bars, but I prefer to record in “whole session” mode because I use CM for noodling. I don’t understand what the Preferences Autosave interval means relative to clip length. If I select “whole session” it never clips, even after the autosave interval lapses. This may be related to the crash below. Nonetheless, I’d love:

    – a “clip” keyswitch for cutting the current recording and creating an item – you know, like A0

    I thought this is what “Autosave now” means, but apparently not. In either case that term almost universally means automatically saving to long term storage. To me, when to clip the sequence is what’s important, and everything should be persisted without so many “autosave” options.

    A few bugs:

    – currently clicking the systray icon while CM is open (attached) does not close the window. Toggling is the convention on Mac.
    – you can’t delete the last tile in the capture list
    – you can’t delete over a certain number of multi-selected tiles (I didn’t count how many) in the capture list
    – had a crash on clicking menu button while recording in whole session mode. No repro, sorry.



    Bug: Detached window close button (x) doesn’t work when window is pinned on top.



    Hello, Thanks for the suggestions and found bugs. I will work on your suggestions, and fixes.

    – Next quick update will be available soon bringing midi filters.
    (Some users have midi devices constantly sending several types of midi events, so you will be able to enable only NoteOn,NoteOff for specific device to fix this constant recording.)

    I have already worked on some suggestions, however i have not enabled it for version 1.0
    – ideally, display mini piano-roll of midi events in each list item, for visual identification
    – include a play button on mouse rollover of each list item, assuming text edit on single click
    (Currently when rolling over on midi item in capture midi, there are 4 buttons, play, favourite, delete,save)



    I look forward to the next version!

    Among the 4 buttons, by ‘save’, do you mean export as a .mid file? I assume everything is always saved (and hope so).



    A couple minor bugs:

    – If a custom library is loaded, when saving a clip to the main library, the library does not show the clip unless you switch to the custom library and back. Repro:

    1) add a custom library
    2) switch to main library
    3) switch to capture tab
    4) make a recording
    5) save clip as ‘clip1′
    6) switch to library
    7) OBSERVE: ‘clip1′ does not appear; EXPECTED: ‘clip1′ should appear
    8) switch to custom library and back to main library
    9) OBSERVE ‘clip1′ now appears

    – When removing a custom library, the library’s list remains displayed until you switch to another library




    Menu bar icon does not turn white in Yosemite dark mode.




    I have been using the app for a week now and it is very useful. :-) Especially the drag and drop
    of files directly into Logic X + the playback of audio and midi. Super happy with the overall features. Even thought the app terminates sometimes.

    New feature ;

    Even though it is possible to play the Events (from the capture midi tab now) and
    record them back into Logic X. It would be awesome if there was a setting parameter that
    states : play back Events with single mouse click. To speed up the start of the playback of the midi Event. And if I click again on the same Event it starts playback directly again from the beginning. Now there is a delay because of double click or right click + play. If the app is synchronized with the bpm in Logic X while playing back during the recording that would also be cool.

    Now I have set up a IAC driver (virtual midi device, on the Mac) that via an external instrument channel in logic can send out quantized midi parts to Capture midi (by assigning the output midi to the IAC in Logic X and the input from the IAC in app) and I want to play back the Events to make alternative arrangements (on the fly) playing the events.

    Thanks in advance

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