1. Capture Midi overview

Quick Guide

1. Double click application icon to launch capture midi

CaptureMidiIconDouble click application icon to lunch capture midi. Application will appear in Mac top status bar with a midi icon. You can add Capture Midi as startup application in your User settings.

2. Enable recording on midi devices

image-usermanual-devicesClick on record button to present a midi devices selector.

Mark devices you want to enable capturing. Select Auto-connect if you wish connect every time application lunches. Once you start Capture Midi application will auto connect and start capturing midi from devices you marked as auto-connect.

3. Adjust reference tempo

image-usermanual-tempoAdjust reference tempo as application use the approximate tempo in order to trim and stop recording once you finish play on midi keyboard. Also if you enable metronome feature, metronome will play belong referenced tempo.

Application uses the reference tempo to trim retrospective midi buffer. The value you select for midi trim such 1 BAR will be directly dependent on the current reference tempo.

4. Adjust silence Trim interval

The main goal of application is to allow you to review, playback and save last played ideas on midi keyboard. Your midi melodies are presented in a grid. Every time you start playing on midi keyboard or generating midi events, application will treat your play as a single midi melody. Once you stop playing on midi keyboard or generating any midi events, application will wait exactly the trim interval and once there are no other midi events, your melody will be presented in a grid. New grid item will be generated and you can playback it back double clicking it in grid. Last idea has a special Red grid color.

As general rule, the trim interval as 1 BAR is acceptable for a play. However if you play some melody that has a silence parts you can adjust the silence trim to upper value in order to fit to single grid item.


Every time you are playing on midi keyboard or generating midi events such modulation wheel, application status bar will be visualized with recording red dot. Once you stop playing, application will wait the trim interval and if there are no further midi events, the red dot will disappear, and new grid item is created. 

You can visually monitor your current melody grid item generation. Once the red monitoring status disappear new melody grit item is created you are able to playback it back from melody grid.

5.Start improvise in logic or other daw

You are set up, you can start improvise and depending on your play, midi melody grid items are automatically crated in Capture Midi app popover. Once you want to review your played melodies, just activate the application from status bar.

Melody Grid Item:

  1. Double click the grid item to start playback.
  2. Right click shows actions you can apply to grid item
  3. Drag and Drop melody back to Logic arrange or other Daw that supports midi files drag and drop.

6. Favorite played melodies or save them to library

image-usermanual-favoritesIf you have played any interesting melody, you can mark if as favorite to easily find it in grid, or save it directly to library.

7. Explore settings

Configure application behavior in settings.

What is retrospective midi

Retrospective midi is a feature that let you recover midi melodies that you have been playing on midi keyboard any time later without worrying about recording button in your DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) such in Logic Pro X, Cubase 7, Ableton live or Garageband.

Some Audio-Midi editors has incorporated retrospective midi in some forms such Cubase 7 that has a retrospective buffer for adjustable number of midi events (Defaulting to 10 000), Logic Pro has retrospective midi only for midi events that has been played during a performance (Logic Pro X project playhead was moving, Playback or Recording state).

Capture midi resolves the situations when you setup virtual instrument and just play. You can now easily come up with melodies or just improvise without worrying about recording tate. Capture midi let you recover your melodies back. 

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