1. Preferences

Open settings menu


Click on the settings button to open settings menu. Click on Preferences.. option


General Settings

Midi Buffer Size

Midi buffer size limits application to maintain only selected number of midi data. Select as much as events that you would need to maintain in application. Once the selected limit is exceeded, Capture Midi will start to erase the most old melodies, leaving your new ones.

Remember: Favourites are not deleted and will always stay in a grid.

To have some perspective, single note on midi piano involves 2 events, Note On/Off. Modulation wheel up generates 128 events.

If you for example select 10 000 events, (default value) you will have to play 5000 notes on midi keyboard before the melody grid gets starting to trim, or 39 full turns of midi modulation wheel.

Auto connect Midi

Automatically Start recording: If checked, application will automatically connect to auto-connect enabled midi devices once they are connected to your mac.

Load last session on startup: Application will load your last session on startup. If you disable this option, application will create new session every time is started removing all information.

Autosave interval

Configure how often application will autosave your melodies to disk.

Trim silence

If you export some of your melodies from Logic Pro X application, and your melody is located somewhere on 8th, 16th bar, the silence information is included in the midi file when exported. Capture midi once load the midi file that has a offset information, and will start playback as soon as possible.

UI Settings


Interface Size

Configure the interface height for status bar popover or application window

Compressed: 300 px height

Regular: 500 px height

Tall: 800px height

Interface in Memory

If the dispose UI is checked, (disabled by default) Capture Midi will dispose and free resources from UI. You can enable this option if you do not interact very often with the Capture Midi UI. However if you access your library of samples, browse let the option disabled.

Capture Midi do not use much system resources so enable this option only if is necessary.

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